Beat Funding

Booking Exceptional Artists and Talent

BEAT - “Booking Exceptional Artists and Talent “ offers venues the ability to book exceptional talent for sports and entertainment industries. We cater to athletes, entertainers, celebrities, concert tours, 3-day festivals and televised sporting events and many more.

  • Funding Secured by: contracts, royalty, endorsements, and Ticket Receipts
  • Advances $500,000 to $100,000,000
  • Funding within 10 - 15 days

Completely Confidential Advances

and deal-driven pricing

Streamlined and common sense underwriting

All sport & entertainment industries

Gate Advance Payments (GAP)

Factoring of prospective ticket seat sales to provide advance funding of entertainer tour and residency projects

Royalty, Endorsement & Contract Advance Payments

Factoring of entertainer and athlete royalty and endorsement and contract payments to provide athletes and entertainers

Pre-draft Advance Payments

Factoring of future signing bonuses of emerging athletes based on their prospective signing bonus, and backed by Letters of Intent from credible sports franchises (“LOI’s)

Advances against
Proven Performers and Venues

Beat Funding will provide factoring advances to A & B list talents seeking to engage in residency and touring performance contracts, wherein ProSelect will advance liquidity capital funding to enable entertainers to: 

Typical Venue Profile

Factoring Contract Structure​:

Asset Based Lending:

Download the due diligence list and send the files to

Our Rates

Complimentary Consultation 30min

per Hour
Milage - Yes
Per Dium - 100.00 per day
Travel - Business Class
Hotel - Marriott / Executive
Pick up / Drop off Airport - VIP Uber
Out of Pocket Reimbursement - Yes
Account Executive / Tech
per Hour
Milage - Yes
Per Dium - 100.00 per day
Travel - Deluxe Economy Class
Hotel - Marriott / Standard
Pick up / Drop off Airport - Uber
Out of Pocket Reimbursement - Yes